Streamline your business operations

Efficiently manage your gym or studio space with our all-in-one fitness management software.

Control access to your gym

Our software synchronizes with turnstiles, ensuring smooth and secure entry for members. Say goodbye to manual check-ins and enjoy a hassle-free experience. Simplify access control, enhance security, and deliver an exceptional member experience.

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Make your members feel welcomed

At check-in, members' details are displayed, creating a personalized experience. Members can be greeted by name by front desk staff, creating a welcoming community atmosphere.

Easily track attendance with turnstiles integration

Making data-driven decisions based on accurate attendance records helps you optimize class schedules, trainer availability, and overall facility operations.

Streamline your front desk activities

Turnstiles automate check-in and save time for front desk staff. Our gym software tracks check-in failures in real time, notifying staff when memberships expire or reservations are missed.

Give your staff their own LegitFit profile

Add staff to your sessions to let your clients know who they'll be working with. Get detailed insights on individual staff performance - active bookings, cancellations, total sessions and many more!

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Restrict access to certain sections of your facility

Within your LegitFit gym management system, you have the ability to establish a personalized 4-digit PIN for enhanced control over access privileges to various pages. This invaluable feature empowers you to restrict entry solely to individuals you trust implicitly.

Boost your business with over 3,000 integrations

Take your business to the next level with powerful integrations like MailChimp via Zapier directly into your fitness management system. Build a strong community by engaging with your clients easily with out integration offerings!

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Accelerate your growth with LegitFit

more bookings in 2022 vs previous year.
less cancellations and no-shows since joining LegitFit.
more clients since joining LegitFit.

Rated 5-starts by over 650 gyms and fitness studios

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